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It is the goal of the law Office of Byron R Mobley to provide clients with high quality affordable legal services.  The best way to do that is to set flat fees for services.  This prevents monthly sticker shock, allows clients to know what  the cost of hiring an attorney really is and most importantly to allow clients to freely communicate with Byron without the fear of getting a large bill for it.  The flat fee only reflects the fees charged for legal work and not the filing fees, process server fess and any other expnses. 

 Payment plans are available

Consultation - $150.00 (Will be applied to fee if retained)
Irreconcilable differences/no fault divorce  - $550.00
Contested Divorce  - starting at $2,500.00
Custody matters  - Starting at $2,500.00
DUI 1st - Starting at $800.00
City Criminal matters- Starting at $800.00
Felonies  - Starting at $3,000.00
Appeals to County Court $1,500.00
Appeals to Supreme Court/Court of Appeals Start at $3,000.00 


Credit cards accepted
Payment plans available

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